Tatyana Karogodina

Tatyana Karogodina is an engineer-programmer of the image processing laboratory of ICMMG SB RAS. She graduated from Ryazan Radio technical College, Automation and Telemechanics Department in 1975. She has been working in the image processing laboratory ICMMG SB RAS since 1984.
Operation systems, network software and Web-technologies are the topics of her scientific interests since 1984. She is a master of computer use technologies. She knows some editors (WORD 7.0, Photoshop included) and program languages (Visual C++). She takes part in some laboratory projects. Now she is responsible for RFBR project 13-07-00068 "Research and development of algorithms and software for Earth remote sensing data processing based on modern hardware and software platforms with distributed, parallel and cloud computing"(2013-2015). T.Karagodina took an active part in Web-pages making for a laboratory Web – s erver in INTERNET (address – http://loi.sscc.ru). She takes part in software technical packages development, technical repots on different projects.


630090, Novosibirsk,
6, Lavrentiev ave.

Email: kop@ooi.sscc.ru