Program detection of linear and circular structures in aerospace images: LINECOIL

This program consists of two modules of software system PLANETAMONITORING, directed on the detection of objects of a given shape (lineaments and coils) in aerospace images. The software system PLANETAMONITORING is developed in the Institute of Computational Mathematic and Mathematical Geophysics Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Science (former Computing Center SB RAS) and Planete Scientific Research Center of Space Hydrometeorology and designated for Earth remote sensing data processing. The whole software system PLANETA MONITORING is very complicated and its functional opportunities are very broad. At the same time, as experience shows, some operations (technologies) are of great interest from potential users. It is for these operations include the operation of detection of lineaments and coils in aerospace images. Hence - the idea of creating a separate program for detection of lineaments and coils in aerospace images. For more details about the software see User manual (in Russian).

1. User manual (in Russian)

1.1. User manual (in Russian)

2. Illustrations of software application:

2.1. Detection of impact crater Jamanshin in North Aral Sea area (Kazakhstan)
2.2. Lineament analysis of two image fragments taken at different time of Kara Sea area covered with ice.