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This is an index of World-Wide Web (WWW) servers which are likely to be of interest to the GIS community. It is maintained by Bruce M. Gittings and Anup Pradhan at the Department of Geography in the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Association for Geographic Information. These servers all provide pages in the English language.

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o Able Software Co. sell R2V, a raster to vector conversion package for Windows.
o Adogis is a small but rapidly growing Dutch firm in GIS applications.
o AGIS mapping/GIS shareware for Windows 3.x/95/NT Free evaluation version of Windows mapping/GIS shareware. World map and demonstration examples provided.
o American Association of Geographers (AAG) GIS Specialty Group - online copies of their newsletter.
o American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing is to advance knowledge and improve understanding of mapping sciences to promote the responsible application of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems and supporting technologies.
o AM/FM Services for Electric Utilities SRI utilizes the latest in GPS, Laser Rangefinders, and Pen Based Computers to complete a comprehensive inventory on power systems throughout North America.
o AM/FM,GIS - Automated Digital Mapping Sentinel USA, Inc. specializes in AM/FM,GIS services, providing major utilites with Automated Digital Distribution Mapping, Field Inventory, and Digital Conversion Services.
o AnGIS Software Hompe Page AnGIS Software is the developer of the AnGIS GIS system, as well as the Datamorpher engine. We support data conversions including ESRI SHPfiles as well as Landmark Argus GIS transfers.
o ArcView-L Archive (Mailing list for Arcview) In this archive are all summaries from the Arcview-l mailing list. Valuable if you have problems with Arcview. Includes a search function (e.g. search for "ODBC"). We will provide an enhanced front-end in the near future.
o ARGUS Technologies Inc. produce a Census Mapping GIS for Windows. Product information and downloadable data are available.
o GIS Internet Resources (US Army Topographic Engineering Center) Pointers to data, companies, universities, and government organizations interested in GIS and related technologies.
o Array Systems Remote Sensing Image Processing and Archiving Systems
o The Association for Geographic Information, The national coordinating body for GIS activities in the United Kingdom
o Atlas of Estonia Map server of Estonia with search by location or name.
o AUSLIG - Australia Survey and Land Information Group, Australia's National Mapping Agency; digital map info and etc.
o Australian Centre of the Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network (ACASIAN) is an academic and applied research institution specialising in Geographical Information System (GIS) databases for Asia and the former Soviet Union.
o Australian Geodynamics on-line GIS Interactive GIS including information about Australian geology and geophysics.
o Australian National University - Bioinformatics. Biodiversity, Bioinformation, Complex systems, and other material on complex systems research.
o Australian National University - Landscape Ecology and Biogeography. Landscape and environments, Agriculture, GIS demonstrations, Information about Australia especially Tasmania.
o Autodesk GIS Software Descriptions of GIS solutions at Autodesk, AutoCAD Map 2.0, Autodesk World, and Autodesk MapGuide.

o Baltic Sea Drainage Basin GIS, Map and Statistical Database Europe's most comprehensive transboundary and multi-thematic GIS database. GIS data provided in pcARC/INFO and IDRISI formats. Thematic focus upon land cover and population. Links to related information.
o Baltic Universities GIS (BUGIS) Project. Information resources and Data for the Baltic Countries.
o BADGER: the (San Francisco) Bay Area Digital Geo-Resource is part of NASA's effort to promote public use of earth science data. Data includes Landsat, DRG, DLG and DOQ imagery, with more coming on-line all the time.
o Bentley Systems MicroStation Server (see also Intergraph)
o BG-Map Botanical Garden Mapping System Mapping software for botanical gardens and arboreta - links to data stored in the BG-BASE plant records database.
o The Department of Geography at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and their Geographic Information and Analysis Laboratory (GIAL).
o British Geological Survey Borehole Catalog, SSSI coming.On-line purchase of British Geological Survey Borehole data. Shows innovative use of "hot-spotted" vector data over Ordnance Survey background.
o British Historical Geographical Information System Program This major research programme is constructing a historical GIS covering the changing administrative units of Great Britain over the last 200 years combining computerised boundary information with a wide range of statistics.
o BOSS International A recognized world leader in the field of civil and environmental engineering software.
o Boyd Petro Search Free access to a Alpha version of remote GIS on the internet.
o Business Geographics Online Comprehensive list of Census, geodemographic and lifestyle datasets. Locale on-line profiling system for generation of 1991 Census and Super Profiles local area reports. Description of Business Geographics Limited's activities, software and services. On-line clickable maps and forms for finding UK property. An Internet GIS.

oCaliper Corporation Caliper Corporation performs GIS consulting and custom software development, and offers three Microsoft Windows- based GISs: Maptitude, TransCAD and GIS+.
o CARIS GIS Universal Systems Ltd. - home of CARIS GIS, CARIS Marine Information Systems and CARIS++ Spatial Objects, our new Application Development Toolkit.
o Carto Fauna-Flora: cartography of biological data CFF is a mapping software to represent animals and/or plant distributions. The WWW page presents the main features of CFF and some outputs. A light version can be downloaded.
o Cartographic Technologies, Inc. Cartographic Technologies, Inc. (CTI) provides a wide range of Geographic Information System (GIS), mapping, and information technology services to help clients gather and evaluate the information needed to make sound decisions.
o Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies GIS Research, Professional Development Courses, Digital Data Catalog On-line Interactive Mapper, Other GIS links.
o Centre of Geographic Information Processing (CGI) The CGI offers a lot of possibilities for students all over the world for studying in GIS en RS. The Centre is a part of the Wageningen Agricultural University.
o Southern California Traffic Report. This Case study provides real-time mapping of the current traffic situation for commuters.
o Cartographic Communication research: Making Maps Easy to Read.
o Clyde Consultants are a commercial GIS/survey/remote sensing company based in Malaysia.
o CIEG - Federal University of Parana, Brazil CIEG (GIS center) it's one of the most important center for resarch, education and projects in South Brazil. Links to Brazilian GIS sites, Projects Going on, News.
o Community 2020 (tm) GIS for community organizations
oCompu-Links, Inc. -provides AM/FM/GIS data conversion services.
o GIS data for Connecticut, USA MAGIC, the Map and Geographic Information Center at the University of Connecticut, is the geodata library for the State of Connecticut.
o Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) are a gatway to data and other information.
o Consulting company for GIS, remote sensing and informatics - GISLCompany profile, description of services and expertise, summaries of previous projects, links to other GIS sites and much more.
o Convergent Group GIS systems integration and consulting, including Smallworld, ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo, Genasys. Related technologies including Outage Management, CIS, Field Data, Document Imaging, Data Conversion, hardware and database management vendors.
o Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen Research, educational and staff information at the Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen. Also the homepage of WinCHIPS (a remote sensing software package developed at the institute) andNOAA satellite images
o Cultural Heritage GIS resources A partial list of GIS resources related to cultural heritage documentation. Users can search by region or category.
o Data Chromatics, Inc. Specializes in the integration of computer mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and related technologies.
o Data Driven Mapping for the Utilities Industry Full GIS suite of software tools specificially tailored to meet requirements of the Utilities Industry.
o Data-on-the-Map 3.0 - Desktop GIS / mapping software An innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly GIS / mapping software based on object oriented programming.
o DDS Digital Data Services GmbH Geographic and Demographic data for Germany and Europe. Offers a single data source for geomarkting applications primarily for Germany, but also for many other countries.
o Delorme Mapping. Mapping demos (including sound!) and catalogues of mapping products.
o Department of Geology and Geography at Hunter College, NY
o Deutches Klimarechenzentrum (German Climatology Computer Centre). Climatic data and simulations.
o Digital Land Systems Research (DLSR). Developer of an easy-to-use PC-based raster GIS called SAGE. WWW pages include introductory GIS info and access to demo software.
o Drake University Department of Geography and Geology Info about Drake's GIS Lab, courses, student projects and department of Geography and Geology (Des Moines, Iowa, USA).
o EarthData International The Photo Science group specializes in the development of spatial data technologies to support the engineering, environmental and land management applications of its clients.
o EarthWatch Incorporated is launching the world's first commercial, high-resolution satellite. Browse and order worldwide satellite imagery and geographic data from the Digital Globe database. The site also contains 1m and 3m satellite imagery.
o Mapping, DTMs and GIS from Eastern Europe Map data for Eastern Europe; digitising services; DTMs for telecommunications (27 countries to date).
o Edinburgh University, Geography Department. The home of this page and other GIS Resources such as the AGI Dictionary, the Digital Elevation Data Catalogue and research projects including the first Arc/Info <-> WWW interface and the World-Wide Earthquake Locator.
o Edinburgh University, Data Library, spatial meta-data research, UKBORDERS digital data and ESRC Research Publications Database (incl. some GIS research).
o Environmental Data Center - GPS data and Rhode Island Geographic Information System Data. The site contains information about the Environmental Data Center, Rhode Island GIS data, and GPS Base Station data.
o Environmental Management Earth Observation Group at University of Northumbria, UK.
o Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) in Australia. Holistic picture of the current Australian Environment. Data from many sciences including geography and ecology. ERIN also provide a interactive Distributed Spatial Data Library of Australian Mapping.
o Environmental Solutions through GIS Software: >> SiteGIS - Subsurface environmental data management using MapInfo >> ModelGIS - Groundwater model MODFLOW interface with ARC/INFO.
o Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). The vendors of Arc/Info and related GIS software and data. Includes ArcView V1.0 for free.
o Archives of the ESRI-L Mail List which discusses ESRI products, including Arc/Info.
o ERDAS, Inc. Visualization and analysis tools to help you make more informed business decisions involving the geography that surrounds you.
oER Mapper site for Southern Europe and North Africa. ER Mapper is a powerful yet easy to use geographical data viewer and processor.
o ESRI Canada Ltd. Official Canadian Distributor of ESRI, world leader in Geographic Information System technology. Resources include GIS products, consulting, training, support, partner program, us
o ESRI Canada - Schools and Libraries Program ESRI Canada is dedicated to promoting GIS awareness in schools!
o ETAK - GIS Sofware and Digital Mapping Information A number of online demos for using maps on the internet, geocoding records over the internet, product descriptions.
o Eurimage - a major commercial course of remote sensing imagery
o EUROGI - the European Umbrella Organisation for GIS
o European Commission Joint Research Centre - Data Visualisation Group at Ispra; Italian Geographic Databases and Visualisation, Meteorology etc.
o European Commission Centre for Earth Observation; information on the European Earth Observation System and European Space Agency, also the CEO Agriculture Project, which aims to provide consistent Agricultural statistics for Europe and on coastal zones in Europe.
o European Commission sponsered GIS projects Descriptions of GIS related projects sponsered by the European Commission.
o European Science Foundation, GISDATA Programme includes specialist meetings, GISDATA directory, news / outputs.
o European Union (EU) Information Market Europe Server, which includes information on GIS Standards, GIS Tenders and Projects, and GIS in Europe. A full index of relevent documents is available here 
o GIS in Production Agrculture Farmer's Software Association (FSA) supports information tools for mapping and management of site-specific farming data in a GIS framework. Trainings are also held to educate agriculturalists in the application of GIS technology to farming.
o The U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee is responsible for coordinating the survey, mapping and spatial data activities of various federal agencies. and promoting the Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS). Includes links to all the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) sites.
o Fenstermaker Online is your access gateway for  interacting with our company. Learn about our GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Smart Maps, GPS (Global Positioning System) Surveying services, Engineering capabilities, comprehensive Environmental services, and some of our history.
o National Land Survey of Finland (the Finnish National Mapping Agency), Geographic Information Centre includes details of their products and standards.
o Institut Geographique National (IGN) - the french national mapping agnecy.
o Cassini - a French research grouping tasked with coordinating GIS research in french universities and institutes and promoting research on dynamic GIS, GI quality, spatial analysis and statistics, map generalization, geo surfing and GIS interoperability. (pages in French, but with english translation available)
o Friends of the Earth (UK) - Describes their use of GIS with examples. Of particular interest is their Chemical Release Inventory an example of interactive GIS on the web. 
o Genasys II Inc. - Information about their products.
oGeodan:the dutch GIS specialists in geo-data, applications&advise A complete overview of products and services, from european geographic data, MapInfo and Esri applications and examples of our projects. Also on our site: Roadplanner, the planning tool for service engineers.
o Geodetic Survey of Canada Information about the organisation and the data products on offer.
o GEODYNAMIC SOLUTIONS, INC. Our company specializes in GIS applications and software solutions for the petroleum industry and for market, demographic and retail site selection analysis.
o GEO/Graphics GIS Consulting and Mapping
o Geographic Designs Inc. describes Geolineus, a metadata management system for ARC/INFO. Also technical papers about metadata and GIS data processing.
o Geographical Institute (Slovenia)Geographic Institute has been established in 1948. It has been divided into 5 organisational units since 1993: Department for Geoecology, Department for Regional Geography, Department for Natural Disasters, Department for Geographical Information System and Department for Thematic Cartography. Activities have been organised into four research projects (basic, evolutional, applicational and aiming).
o Geo Info Systems Magazine - extracts from the magazine are on-line.
o Geological and Geophysical Databases, Information and GIS Map Server, Cornell University  This page is designed to provide information, data, and maps for scientists, students and for those who are interested in the geological sciences.
o Geomatics Canada, part the division of Natural Resources Canada which is responsible for GIS, Mapping and the National Atlas Information Service which provides NAISmap, an interactive WWW mapping utility.
o Geomatics International Inc Web providing consulting services to private sector institutions, non-governmental organisations and all levels of government using leading edge GIS and web technology.
o Open Data Conversion Tools
Information about our line of products which allow users to convert between GIS formats as well as access myriad of free data from the net.
o GEOname Digital Gazetteer CD of geographic feature names. Query, display and data export software included. Over four million names from all countries except US.
o GeoNorth GeoNorth is a company owned by professionals dedicated to the development and support of GIS, database, and CAD systems. GeoNorth offers a full range of services including custom GIS and database application programming, GIS mapping and data conversion, and computer network administration. GeoNorth also offers a full line of the world's most popular software products including packages from ESRI, Sybase, and Autodesk. We are also known for the development and marketing of out own, CD-ROM based products, and for developing software products for third parties.
o GeoSoft Ltd. are the U.K. based suppliers of Map Server and Map Server which allow turnkey systems to be produced in Visual Basic.
oGeoSolutions Consulting Inc. GeoSolutions Consulting Inc. provides consulting and technical services in the area of Geographic Information System (GIS).
o GeoSolutions, GIS Consultants and Application Developers GeoSolutions provide GIS services internationally. We focus on solutions and services specific to user requirements. GeoSolutions an ESRI Business Partner.
o GeoSearch are a US-based GIS employment agency.
o GEO/SQL Geo/SQL Corporation is an international company committed to providing a high level of consulting expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of GIS systems.
o Geo Strategies - Romania According to the World Bank, Geo Strategies has grown to become the largest digital mapping organisation in Eastern Europe.
o GeoSystems are a mapping company who provide information on map skills, an newsletter and a downloadable game.
o The GeoWeb Project This project aims to examine the networking of spatial information. Further information (including the mailing list message archive) is available from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.
o GeoWeb - On-Line Resources for GIS/GPS/Remote Sensing WWW Online Resources For Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), & Remote Sensing (RS) Industries.
o GIS-L Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page which provides answers to many basic GIS questions.
o GIS Internet Resources List Extensive, annotated list of pointers, broken down into subject areas. Also has information on GIS education, research and facilities at UC Berkeley. This is part of the UCBGIS web site at:
o GISLinx - complete GIS listing GISLinx is an Internet site devoted to listing any/all GIS related web sites. GISLinx contains links to GIS related software and hardware vendors, GeoMatics, GIS Events, GIS Data.
o GISL (UK) Ltd.- GIS, Remote Sensing and Informatics Consultants GISL is a UK firm specialising in the applications of GIS and remote sensing. Working world-wide on muti-disciplinary projects involving natural resources, rural development, environmental and urban planning. GISL provides support and training in most GIS and image processing software packages. We also have a register for freelance consultants with experience in GIS and/or remote sensing.
o GISplan research group at Aalborg University, Denmark  A brief introduction to GISplan and the idea behind our research. There is also usefull links to projects and partners around the world. We also have links to our own homepages. Expect to see updates every 3 month. We are committed to use the web for communicating our research and other information.
o GIS Solutions Group Products that view and translate between many commercial and government vector formats.
o GIS Southwest, Inc. Providing Professional Services to Businesses and Governments in Spatial Analysis
o GIS Video Library GIS Video Library, Remote Sensing, Mining Technology, Avant-Garde Art, Tourism Video Production and Distribution.
o GIS World, publishers of GIS World magazine and GIS Asia Pacific. Includes GIS conferences, books and other information.
o GIS-WWW gateway The GIS-WWW-Gateway by the Joint Research Centre, ISIS, Technical Assessment, offers a common WWW user interface to datasets stored on different GIS engines in different locations.
o Global Environmental Network for Information Exchange (GENIE)  Descriptions of data (metadata) that are relevant to global environmental research from both a physical and human perspective - information on demographics, climate, ecology, remote sensing, oceanography and geomorphology.
o Global Land Information System (GLIS) Metadata and samples for many data products, such as AVHRR, TM, DEMs, Aerial Photographs, SLAR, World Ecosystems, and World Soil Series.
o Global Positioning System Software (GPSS) Free GPS Software for Windows called GPSS - a mobile speech GIS. Information on what GPSS is, when it will next be on TV, and how to get a free copy. e.g. Personal Computer World CD-ROM Now available for whole World. Displays maps and speaks.
GRASSLAND 1.1 Grassland is proud to be the first GIS introducing Open Geospatial Datastore Interface (OGDI). With Grassland and OGDI, break the data barrier and expand your source of information by reading almost any file format of geodata such as DIGEST (VRF, DTED, ADRG), Grass, DXF, Arc/Info and more.
o The Great Lakes Regional Environmental Information System (GLREIS) supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Great Lakes Information Management Resource (GLIMR) supported by Environment Canada.
o GRID-Geneva (Global Resource Information Database)  GRID-Geneva is part of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme). It provides GIS service and distributes free geo-referenced environmental data sets.
GTI (GIS Technology, Inc.) All the GIS you can stand! Description of our products and services, articles, white papers, and other GIS links.

o University of Hannover, Institute for Regional Planning (ILR) also maintains a List of GIS WWW Resources 
o Harlow Report Geographic Information Systems Monthly newsletter on GIS since 1978. Free trail subscription available
o Harvard Design & Mapping Co. (HDM) provides GIS services (including application development), software and data worldwide. They specialise in ArcInfo, MapInfo and Intergraph.
o Harvard's University, Graduate School of Design Geo-Data Archive for Boston & Massachusetts
o Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of Geography and their GIS Laboratory,
o University of Hong Kong, GIS/LIS Research Cetnre
o Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Land Surveying & Geo-Informatics
o The IDRISI Project home page.
o An IDRISI WWW Tutorial from the IDRISI Resource Center at the University of Salzburg.
o ifp - Institut fuer Planungsdaten: Remote Sensing, GIS, Planning Remote Sensing, GIS & Digital Cartography for Regional and Environmental Planning & Research Sample image gallery with Landsat-TM, SPOT, CASI, Daedalus data.
o ImageNet from Core Software Technology - Search and Preview geospatial data (sat. imagery, air photography, vector data). There is a European node at Eurimage in Italy.
o Info 2000 - Geographic Information Website contains "* GI 2000 documents", concerning the establishment of a European Policy framework for Geographic Information, * GI standards * GI reference documents ( e.g legal and political aspects of GI) * GI contacts in the commission * GI projects at national and international level * a GI discussion forum, which would like to discuss the political aspects of GI in Europe. The "related sites" subsection will be achieved before the end of November 1996 and will contain an almost exhaustive list of on-line metadata services in the world.
o Infomine Maps & GIS University of California index to internet resource collections--access by subject, title, keyword. Strong focus on California and the western United States.
o Informed Solutions GIS and Spatial Data Consultants A Group of Consultants specializing in the development of all leading GIS and RDBMS products. The leading independent consultancy in the country.
oINFOTECH GIS Data for India  An ISO 9002 acedited GIS conversion services company with a capacity to do 20,000 hrs of work per month in Arc Info, Intergragh, MapInfo, and Atlas GIS formats. Develops software for GIS users in WINDOWS environment using state of the art programming technologies.
o Geo InSight International, Inc. GIS Training consulting and software development for private sector, state, federal govt, and environmental orgs.
o Institute of Advanced Technologies (Kyiv, Ukraine) is the only organization in Ukraine which is designed to develop geographical maps and atlases with help of exceptional GIS-technologies.
o Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich DBMS for Cartographic Raster Images. Visualisation of of Geographic Raster Data. 3D GIS. Automatic Data Acquisition For GIS. Query Language for Geometry in Rasterbased GIS. The National DTM of Switzerland. Data Transfer between GIS. Standardisation of GIS Date Exchange.
o Interactive mapping guildlines These are general design guidelines and are not technical in nature. The intent is to be a resource for those involved in creating new interactive mapping sites.
o Intergraph Corporation A comprehensive guide to Intergraph's wide range of GIS, mapping, cartograp. Also Intergraph Software Solutions - Mapping/GIS, GIS product applications and Industry Solutions for Business & Governments.
o Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey Bureau. Information on geological and water resources in Iowa, including their Natural Resources GIS (with >400 documented databases) and publications.
o International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences  The International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) is the largest institute for international higher education in the Netherlands. The main objective of ITC is to assist developing countries in human resources development in aerospace surveys, remote sensing applications, the establishment of geoinformation systems and the management of geoinformation. To this end ITC concentrates on three main activities: education, research and advisory services.
o Interoperability Advisory Group (IAG) The IAG serves the interests of the geodata/geoprocessing/geo-sciences industry to expand understanding and use of cost-effective, Open GIS geoprocessing solutions for commercial and public sector markets.
o IntelliGIS Inc. provides the Energy Industry with GIS Software, including a data navigator for geoscience databases and a system for the protection of underground utilities.
o IRIS: knowledge-based data mapping system in WWW Java applet provides intelligent assistance for visual data exploration by automated presentation of the data on maps. Example is given with statistical information about European countries.
o ISO/IEC 8211 home page ISO/IEC 8211 is a standard used by various GIS transfer standards (notably, SDTS, DIGEST and IHO S-57) to encode their data. This is the initial release of a home page for that standard, produced by one of the people who worked on the last release of ISO/IEC 8211. A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is included.
o ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics This is the web-server of the ISO committee for geographic information/geomatics. Contains work programme, organization including working groups and experts, important information, calendar, list of documents, etc.
o Israel Ecological & Environmental Information System (HOLIT) provides environmental information, with many onward links.
o James W. Sewall Company Mapping, GIS, and resource management consultants to government, utilities, and private industry. Expertise in aerial photography, surveying/GPS, photogrammetric mapping, and orthophotography.
o Japan's Geographical Survey Institute Japan's National Mapping Agency - Topographic, Geodetic and GIS Resources
o The Japan GIS/Mapping Sciences Resource Guide, which is a comprehensive reference for Japan's GIS, map and geospatial data products, activities and information sources.
o Jefferson County, Colorado GIS GIS Products (Maps, Data), Services, Projects. GIS School. Glossary of GIS and Computing Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Terminology. GIS Links. GIS Staff, GIS Software / Hardware.
o GIS Jobs and Resources An international listing of career opportunities in the spatial data professions and a growing directory of professional development resources.
o GIS Job Postings, Contacts, Resumes The GeoWorks Job Page allows users to post new GIS position announcements, obtain company and private industry job contacts, and resume services.
o GISLinx Job Department The GJD is a rapidly growing listing of GIS Job openings and GIS resumes from around the world. This listing is searchable, or may be viewed by catagories.
o JShape - Publish GIS to WWW JShape is a Java applet to allow users to publish their GIS shapefiles to WWW. JShape is a vector-based shapefile browser which supports zoom/pan/query/select/label/... most GIS functions.
o Sol Katz's WWW Mapping/Metadata Resource List is the Definitive source of Information on GIS Meta-Data and WWW-GIS Interfaces, Internetworking GIS and interactive mapping over the internet.
o Mapping, GIS, and resource management consultants to government, utilities, and private industry. Expertise in aerial photography, surveying/GPS, photogrammetric mapping, and orthophotography.KINDS (Knowledge Based Interface to the National Datasets)
o Kingston University Centre for Geographical Information Systems. Includes details of the education, training and research carried out by the GIS unit at this U.K. University. 
o Land Info Provider of map data products. Land Info's Web site describes the company and its products, and includes a number of free downloadable sample map data product files.
o Land Information Centre The Land Information Centre's functions include digital terrain modelling, aerial photography, cadastral, topographic and tourist mapping, printing facilities, and the supply and manipulation of digital data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
o Laser-Scan Ltd. are a U.K. GIS systems vendor. Details on products, case-studies and technical papers.
o HREF="">Laval University Descriptions of the teaching programmes (undergraduate & graduate) and research activities of the Department of Geomatics Sciences and the Centre for Research in Geomatics (CRG) at Laval University. In English, French and Spanish.
o Linnet Geomatics International Inc. are a service provider specialising in LIS. They act as a data distributor for Canadian Government Agencies (primarily in the Province of Manitoba).
o Liverpool City Council, UK GIS activity in a British local authority : Mapping - the FIRST official WWW examples of Ordnance Survey digital maps; Analysis - census profiling; Modelling - Primary school review; + much more
o The MAGNUM project, which aims to build an advanced GIS by examining GIS user interfaces, GIS algorithms and an extensible object-based DBMS architecture.
o MAPCOM Systems, Inc AM/FM-GIS Windows based software for utilities that Works! Descriptions of M4, Windows based AM/FM-GIS Software, applications and services.
o MapExpress - MapInfo Corporation An catalog of worldwide data and MapInfo software. Products can be ordered online, and some may even be downloaded. Free data samples, tutorial, and data tip of the month are featured.
o Map*Factory - Raster Based GIS Modelling for the Macintosh ThinkSpace specializes in the development of Macintosh spatial modeling, image processing, and GIS mapping products. Software tools include Map*Factory, Map*Factory Developer's Kit and MAP II.
o MapInfo Corporation, also a user-oriented MapInfo WWW Site which provides access to the FAQ, connections to the ftp site and mailing list.
o MapInfo Related Products Website A worldwide Directory of MapInfo Developers and Resellers of MapInfo products and/or Third Party Software, Data and Services for use with MapInfo.
o Map Maker is a user friendly GIS for Windows.
o GISNET MALAYSIA News, reviews, articles, directories of GIS professionals, vendors, service providers, education & training institutions.
o MAPublisher by Avenza Software Marketing Inc. MAPublisher is a software program that works with Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand to allow the import of GIS data into the graphics programs.
o Massachusetts Electronic Atlas This is an interactive atlas showing data by minor civil division with over 200 thematic layers.
o McGill University Department of Earth Sciences Some departmental information, together with an ftp server and a gopher server.
o Meridian GIS - Consultants for Mineral Exploration Meridian GIS was formed in January 1997 to service the mapping and GIS community in Australia. We aim to supply MicroStation support in the mineral exploration and cartographic areas and more specifically the integration with GIS.
o MeteoGIS. A GIS for interpolating meterological data. A GIS for meteorological data is developed on WinNT and Win95 Plattform. It interpolates data from monitoring networks to the overall property field and the landscape relief.
o Michael McDermott's List of GIS Resources. Another substantial list of GIS resources with a North American bias.
o Michigan State University, Geography Department Programs of study, courses, faculty, students, and research, plus local and regional information for East Lansing, Michigan U.S.A. Strong GIS and remote sensing program.
o MicroImages, Inc. Free TNTlite spatial data viewing and analysis software, plus the whole line of TNT professional GIS, Image Processing, and desktop cartography products.
o Minnesota Legislative GIS Office. Information and mapping for Minnesota. Not much of great interest as yet.
o Mississippi Automated Resource Information System GIS clearinghouse for Mississippi. Online data, extensive metadata and links to other GIS sites around the country
o GIS/Census data for Missouri GIS datasets in ARC/INFO .e00 format for Missouri at the county level as well as the state level. Home pages for MGISAC and Missouri GIS user groups also available.
o MIT Earth Resources Laboratory Environmental Engineering, Applied Geophysics, Centre for Advanced Geophysical Computing, and GPS information.
o Hal Mueller's GIS Resources and Satellite Image Resources Pages.
o MultiGIS 3D photorrealistic terrain visualization and DEM and planimetry digitization. We offer FREE datum and coordinate software. Article preprints.
o Municipal Software Corporation has been providing superior software solutions to local government for over 12 years.
o Mutate - Multimedia Training and Advanced GIS in Europe
Mutate is an European project that aims at creating the first master degree on GIS in the web. The project team includes 7 top universities and firms from 6 European countries.

o The Natural Area Coding (NAC) system which permits a unified global postal code system, an efficient address dispatching system and a unified grid and reference system for all maps at all scales and is an efficient storage structure. What more could you want?!
o The U.S. National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) - Projects, References, Reports and Bibliographies relating to a range of GIS themes and the NCGIA Core Curriculum. Also provides a central access point for the three NCGIA sites at:
* University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) 
* University of Maine 
* State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo 
o National Key Centre for Social Applications of GIS, Australia
o Natural History Museum (U.K.) - Not much on GIS as yet, but we suspect they are working on it.
o The U.S. State of North Carolina's Center for Geographic Information and Analysis - Spatial data and information about the state GIS in North Carolina.
o Natural Resources Development Centre The NRDC brings to environmental management and resource development an understanding of not only natural and humanprocesses but also an expertise in information systems. By combining these abilities its develops new tools and provides new solutions for the optimal use of the environment.
o NOAA National Geophysical Data Center A major provider of environmental data (international data in addition to USA).
o The Norwegian Institute of Technology, Department of Surveying and Mapping. Although much information is in Norwegian, there is a sizeable list of GIS resources in English.
o NERC Unit for Thematic Information Systems (NUTIS) are involved in Remote Sensing and Environmental Modelling Research 
o Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S.) Environmental Science Division, including their Fire Simulation Model (EMBYR) 
o Object/FX Corp. - Embedded Tools & Interactive Internet Spatial Applications A sofware company offering spatial/mapping visualization tools and templates for viewing and interacting with enterprise data in either client/server or web environments.
o Ohio State University - Center for Mapping 
o Ohio State University, Department of Geography provides a major GIS On-Line Bibliography.
o On Target Mapping is a leading provider of desktop mapping solutions for service-intensive industries and is a leader in telecommunications mapping, routing, logistics and scheduling technologies.
o Open Relational GIS  Eurotronics OpenGIS® software (is not in conflict with OGC) specialised in large scale geographic databases, storing geo-objects in RDBMS communal & utility installed base in Belgium.
o Open GIS Consortium. Information on the OpenGIS Project, meetings, testbed and publications. OGIS also have pages at the University of California at Berkeley which include information on the public-domain GIS, GRASS.
o ORSER - Office for Remote Sensing of Earth Resources Since its founding in 1970, ORSER has completed over a hundred projects involving the application of GIS and/or remote sensing to environmental and ecological analyses.
o The Ordnance Survey - the U.K. National Mapping Agency. Including a query interface to the Spatial Information Enquiry Service (SINES)
o PCI produces software for Remote Sensing, GIS and Terrain Analysis, including EASI/PACE. Cartographic editing software in WYSIWYG environment reads 45+ GIS file types. Produces high quality maps. Designed by Cartographers for cartographers.
o PCI Pacific GeoSolutions, developers of PAMAP GIS
o Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access PASDA is PA's node on the NSDI. PASDA data includes Digital Elevation Models, Digital Raster Graphics, and Digital Ortho Photo Quadrangles as well as watersheds, streams, roads, etc.
o MapMagic: Effortless viewing and distribution of your GIS data
o Agriculture in the 21st Century;Remote Sensing Workshop, UC Davis Proceedings of a remote sensing and precision agriculture workshop at UC Davis (October 23rd-25th, 1996) sponsored by NASA MTPE, NIGEC and UC Davis
o Professional GEO Systems (PGS) Product Info (Java GIS Browser) PGS specializes in the development of Geographic Information Systems for Internet. We have developed a 100% Pure Java GIS browser.
o GIS in the PhilippinesThis site is an effort to bring together a collection of disparate information about geographic information systems or GIS in the Philippines into a structured format, accessible via the Internet.
o Planet Earth Home Page Connections to everywhere on every topic. Not particularly strong on GIS or RS.
o Pima County CAD/GIS Includes topics such as Developing GIS for the Web, Arc/Info and AutoCAD techniques, and links to exciting GIS and mapping sites. Pima County is in Arizona, USA.
o PROGIS - Professional GIS software for MS Windows Professional GIS platform for Windows95/NT, add-on modules for GPS, Routing, Multimedia, large Raster handling(TurboRaster) and Isoline generation. GIS downsizing with SDK, connection to any database.
o Psion GIS Software Comprehensive mapping solutions for your Psion Series 3 & 5 palmtop machines. Specialist software design for digital mapping, GIS, GPS and route-finding applications.
o Queens University Belfast - Geography. Introducing GIS, ARC/INFO WWW tutor, links to other GIS WWW pages. Also a GIS User Guide to Internet Tools 
oGIS Conversion and Software Development GIS Conversion and GIS Software Development Service Provider for Telecommunications, Electric, Gas, Water, Government, Mapping, Munincipalities etc.
o Retail Profit Management GIS Resources RPM, a provider of Atlas GIS solutions sponsors this comprehensive listing of GIS data sites, news and discussion groups, GIS and mapping related search engines, and more.
o GIS data for Rhode Island Wetland, land use, images, roads, soils and utilities.
o The U.K. Regional Research Laboratory Initiative: RRL Scotland Server includes information about RRL Scotland and links to the other RRLs.
o RSC - Resource Analysis & GIS Homepage of the resource analysis masters program and the resource studies center located at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.
o RouteSmart Technologies (TM)  RouteSmart is a cutting edge vehicle routing and scheduling system for organizations that demand reductions in vehicle use, labor time and operating expenses.
o Rutgers University (the State University of New Jersey), Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis - GRASS Clippings Newsletter and GRASS data on CD-ROM. 
o SAFE Software Inc. Universal Spatial Data Translator - These pages contain a description, live demo, and downloadable version of the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME), which is a configurable, 'universal' Spatial and Attribute Data Translator. The FME supports most popular GIS formats, and more are being added all the time.
o Sandia National Labs (USA) GIS Site Environmental, security, risk, transportation applications. ESRI ARC/INFO and ArcView technical information and code. MapObjects information.
San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) GIS Digital Boundary Files and Layers of the San Diego Region are available in Arc/Info e00 format (FOR FREE!!!).
o Scan/US, Inc., Vendors of Scan/US geomarket analysis software and related demographic data
o Mike Scott's List of Commercial GIS WWW Servers, includes links to the vendor's WWW sites.
o Sequoia 2000, Multi-Disciplinary Environmental Modelling Project at University of California.
o SF Technical Services, Inc. Specializing in Site Specific Agricultural Management, Farm Management, Enviromental compliance and Crop consulting.
o Society of Cartographers  Cartographic site organised by CARTOGRAPHERS for Cartographers and those interested in cartography and maps. Also has a listserver "CARTO-SOC" used by cartographers as an information and problem sharing resource.
o Space Remote Sensing Centre (SRSC), Institute for Technology Development (US).
o South Carolina Dept of Natural Resources GIS Data Clearinghouse
Provides GIS data(soils, wetlands/land use, DLGs, DEMs,and DRGS) for public use in natural resource decision-making. All data is in Arc/Info EXPORT format and 1:24,000 scale.
o State of Kansas GIS Data Access and Support Center
o The UK Street Map Web Site Provides Street Maps of Greater London and Road Atlas coverage for the rest of the UK. Search by Post Code, Street Name, OS Grid & Landranger Grid (Lat/Long coming soon). Link to maps by Post Code or OS Grid.
o Subway Navigator, An clever resource for navigating your way through the subway / underground systems of the world.
o Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - GERMINAL Research Project, designing an Integrated Approach to Land Use Planning and Environmental Management. 
o TCI Software   An Autodesk Registered Application Develope specializing in tools for creation, conversion and maintenance of AutoCAD basemaps since 1988.
o TCM-Manager, desktop catchment management This site describes TCM-Manager, a catchment management and planning software tool for windows. The latest version is available free for downloading.
o South-West Texas State University, Geography and Planning Department - includes a list of useful links; especially notable are their GIS/RS data links.
o Texas General Land Office - Prototype interagency GIS database for Wetland Resources (funded by Environmental Protection Agency).
o Technical University Vienna, Department of Geoinformation. Information about conferences and workshops in Vienna, especially COSIT (Conference on Spatial Information Theory).
o Bill Thoen's GISnet MapInfo Pages which include the MAPINFO-L discussion list archives.
o Bill Thoen's Online Resource List for Earth Scientists (ORES). A Substantial list of Internet Resources, although extending much more broadly than GIS, it is divided into convenient sections.
o Thomas Bros. Maps of Irvine, California. Details on their PC GIS called GEOFINDER and their digital data.
o TRIES Geographic Information Systems Lab
o GIS Trinity College, Dublin - Geography Department.
o TSoft Co. Utilities for Data Translation and high quality map output. The site contains product and ordering information, and links to other Web sites for on-line data and of GIS interest.
o TYDAC Research Inc.
o UNEP/GRID-Sioux Falls Global Population Data Sets, Environmental Data-Sets Available On-Line, Digital Topographic Data, EDC's Landsat Archive and Landsat Pathfinder, Gap Analysis, Desertification, Land Cover Characterization.
o The University of Arizona ARC/INFO User Group The University of Arizona ARC/INFO User Group (UAAIUG) was established in 1994 to develop a forum for faculty, staff and students at the University of Arizona to share knowledge and ideas pertaining to Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) software applications.
o United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Global Resource Information Database (GRID) at Arendal, Norway. Provide access to a number of environmental GIS databases and also links to other GRID centres around the world.
o The Geography Department and Centre for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland).
o The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) at the University of Arkansas.
o University of California at Berkeley AEGIS - GIS Laboratory in the College of Environmental Design and their Research Program in Environmental Planning & Geographic Information Systems (REGIS). Information is available on the San Francisco Bay/ Sacramento Area, also GRASSLinks - a WWW-GRASS interface.
o University of California, Riverside Extension GIS Certificate  Pages contain information regarding the curriculum of the innovative Certificate in Geographic Information Systems at UCR, the proposed Spring 1996 Institute and the current course offerings in GIS.
o University of California at Santa Barbara Center for Remote Sensing and Environmental Optics, also Project Alexandria which aims to investigate Distributed Spatial Data Libraries.
o University College London, Dept. Photogrammetry and Surveying Information about research projects and master degrees in Photogrammetry, Surveying, GIS and Remote Sensing at UCL.
o University of Delaware Spatial Analysis Lab GIS course materials, 30-meter DEM's for Delaware, satellite imagery, GIS research summaries, fly-over and time-series MPEG's, etc.
o University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences
o University of Extremadura. Center of Teledetection & GIS. Working group in GIS projects and digital image treatment, from satellite data, inside of the University of Extremadura in Spain.
o University of Glasgow, Dept. of Geography & Topographic Science  Department Information, Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses, Staff Information, Specialist Department for cartography, digital mapping, GIS/LIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, geodesy & surveying, Research Activities and Prospectus Information.
o University of Illinois, Laboratory for Advanced Ecological and Spatial Analysis, a joint research facility with US Army - case study ecological assessments.
o University of Karlsruhe Institute for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Photogrammetric Information.
o Spatial Data Distribution through KINDS - an interface to UK National Datasets at University of Manchester. Also other GIS links.
o University of Leicester Department of Geography Research Project Argus - Visualization for Spatial Scientists. These pages demonstrate the use of interactive computer visualization of spatially distributed data as a technique for helping teaching, learning and research in a variety of subjects, such as geography, geology, meteorology and the social sciences.
o University of Maine, Spatial Information Science and Engineering provides bibliographies to major GIS proceedings, full text of a GIS law proceedings, describes ongoing research and academic programs.
o Department of Geography-University of Minnesota Complete description of degree programs in Geography at the University of Minnesota. Information for prospective and current students.
o University of Minnesota Remote Sensing Laboratory for AML programs, general GIS/RS information, and GIS Jobs Clearinghouse.
o University of Newcastle Information from the University Computing Service on Graphics & GIS at Newcastle University, including data, software, hardware and usage issues.
o University of New South Wales, School of Geography, provides info on local facilities and satellite images.
o Spatial Information Research Centre, University of Otago, NZ includes information on courses, publication and GISTutor 2,
o WWW Interfaces for GIS (GRASS, Arc/Info) and spatial data distribution research from Purdue University, Indiana
o Universitaet des Saarlandes, Institute for Biogeography Information pool on remote sensing, GIS, wildlife- and landscape ecology, federal (Germany) and european agencies. Web resources (software and search engines) and information.
o University of Salzburg, Institute for Geography provide information which includes the UNIGIS German distance-learning diploma, and are an IDRISI Resource Center (german language) which hosts an IDRISI WWW Tutorial in english.
o University of South Carolina, Department of Geography and GIS at the College of Liberal Arts 
o University of Southampton, GeoData Institute is a research organisation and contract agency which provides tutorials and training aids.
o University of Stuttgart, Institute for Photogrammetry Image processing, GIS projects and interests, and a GIS bibliography.
o The University of Texas hosts the Geographer's Craft Project, which aims to provide a complete curriculum in Geographical Techniques. Includes GIS and cartography resources.
o University of Virginia, Social Sciences Data Center Virginia On-Line Atlas, Virginia Census Data
o State University of Utrecht, Faculty of Geographical Sciences (The Netherlands) and their list of "Nice" Geography / GIS / RS Servers.
o Urban Planning Job Links This is the most complete collection of Urban Planning Job Links on the net. It includes a GIS section.
o U.S. Army - Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) The home of the GRASS public-domain GIS, the Open-GIS (OGIS) foundation, also spatial modelling information.
o U.S. Bureau of the Census - General information and access TIGER census data and much other statistical information for the U.S.A.
o U.S. Bureau Land Management - includes a GIS page with data and information relevant to land management.
o U.S. Department of the Interior provides a gateway to all of the U.S. government agencies responsible for conservation and natural resource management.
o U.S. Environmental Protection Agency includes information on projects using GIS such as their National Estuary Program. Also some information on software and data.
o The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service supports the U.S. National Wetlands Inventory which provides access to GIS data relating to US Wetlands in a number of different formats.
o U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), for general GIS information, application examples, digital data, Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products and lots more.
o USGS Mid-Continent Mapping Center at Rolla, Missouri USGS Map Products and Digital Data.
o USGS node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, part of the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Meta-Data Catalogue for the vast USGS Spatial Data holdings (digital mapping and images).
o U.S. National Parks Service, includes environmental datasets.
o USGS Water Resources Division, GIS Resources and Distributed Spatial Data Library 
o USGS EROS Data Center - Major Data Archive for world data, satellite imagery and etc. Links to most other major data archives. Includes information on intelligence satellite photographs (1960 - 1972) recently (1995) declassified by the U.S. government.
o U.S. National Biological Service Environmental Management Technical Center (EMTC) - GIS Data Browsing and Retrieval System for the Upper Mississippi River System.
o Utah State University, Department of Geography and Earth Resources - Includes a Digital Atlas for Utah, bibliography and GIS tutorials.
o Universal Systems Ltd. A software and systems intergration company that develops, supports and markets, the CARIS GIS software.

o Val Mushinskiy's Home Page
o Vermont Geographic Information System The Vermont Center for Geographic Information offers GIS data for the state of Vermont.
o Vanderbilt University Center for Transportation Operations & Research - Intelligent Mapping and CADD laboratory.
o Virtual Landscape Technologies, inc. Virtual Landscape Technologies, inc. provides world-class training and consulting services for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) from the desktop to the enterprise.
o Plug-in Visual WebMap for CAD/MAPS/GIS on WWW WWW Visual WebMap Plug-in for IT/CAD/GIS A Client/Server Concept for Intergraph or Bentley Systems vector and raster files or vector in database with API for user development.
o The VISION* Solutions all-relational spatial database from SHL Systemhouse Inc.
o Vysor Integration Inc. - V-Image Remote Sensing Software for Windows and downloadable Satellite Imagery. 
o Wageningen Agricultural University Department of Geographic Information processing and Remote Sensing (GIRS)
o Oliver Weatherbee's GIS Software Listing which contains contact information and short overviews of the majority of major GIS software packages currently available.
o WWW Geospatial Metadata Server (GMS) On-line Demonstration software that includes a CSDGM metadata database, metadata upload/parse/database entry, editing of database rows, data conversion utilities, a software robot for data mining and a coverage ploting utility.
o Western Slope Research Inc. are a GIS data conversion, analysis and mapping company. The home of the AGIS-L (Atlas GIS Discussion List) FAQ. They also provide links to various data sources and to Strategic Mapping/Atlas GIS technical support.
o West Virginia environmental protection On-Line Interactive GIS services that integrates html, arc/Info, and RDBS SQL query and reporting.
o WinCATS - GIS and Engineering Services WinCATS - Windows Cartographic Analysis Tool Set Powerful/Easy to use GIS for Windows.
o Wireless Solutions through GIS Accelerated telecommunications PCS build-out solutions using GIS to site antenna facility identification, acquisition and construction magement.
o Wooleysoft produce the Visual Explorer / Landscape Explorer visualisation software.
o WorldSat International - satellite underlay for GIS Complete cloud free images of the entire earth available as prints for display or in digital format for a GIS layer.
o WWW Information Source For Resource Managers On-line access to GRANIT, the GIS database for the State of New Hampshire. Sample GIS applications. Reference library for planning, zoning and other resource management issues.

o Xerox PARC Map Viewer - online digital data viewer with which you can roam around the WDBII data, or USGS 1:250K data within the US. 


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